2 Kenyans held in India over kin's Sh2m hospital Invoice

A mom and her daughter that hail from Murang'a County are stuck in India following a hospital failed to release their traveling records until they cover a bill to Sh2 million.

He was a student at St Bakhita School at Nairobi.

Ms Elizabeth Wanjiru, a relative who's at Kenya, said that her mum and sister had their passports seized from the hospital and are currently residing in a rented living room in India where they cover Sh3,000 every day.

Ms Wanjiru added that both will also be facing communication difficulties because of language barriers and need to use gestures signals to communicate with natives so as to acquire food and other everyday solutions.

"We're currently praying for my mom and my sister to get God's intervention because we've exhausted all what we'd stored.

She said to be able to clear all of the invoices, the household needs Sh6 million.

She said that the family has depleted it economies and sold land since they sought therapy for your boy.

"We'd expected that the kid would recover his health and keep on with his schooling and inspire many individuals but God had other plans. My mom and sister are now living in fear of the unknown since they aren't convinced that we will increase the hospital bill.

Worshipers in ACK St Stephen Mukuyu have organised a design in an attempt to bail out the family.

Rev Peter Macharia said the family was supportive of this church despite their tough situation.

"I advocate leaders and well-wishers to chip in and assist the family that's wondering and wondering if they'll see their country due to the massive bill," he explained.

2 Kenyans held in India over kin's Sh2m hospital Invoice 2 Kenyans held in India over kin's Sh2m hospital Invoice Reviewed by pro on January 08, 2019 Rating: 5

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