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The notion of a youthful Nairobi woman coming close to fulfilling any celebrity who has featured in the virtual reality TV drama series Maintaining with the Kardashians could be written off as a crazy desire.

We're discussing the likes of Kendall Jenner, the stunning American version and American reality tv character who made her name through Keeping up using the Kardashians before she started modelling at a movement dubbed'the Instagirl age' by Vogue magazine, and'Social Media Modeling; by Harper's Bazaar, in which versions are picked for their internet presence and societal media after.

This is a celebrity that has been on the Top 15 most followed stars on Instagram record (2017) and among the planet's highest-paid version on the Forbes top-earning versions.

We're talking Kylie Jenner, her sister, plus a socialite, entrepreneur and media personality that has been recorded as the strongest teenager on earth (TIME magazine 2014 and 2015).

We're not talking about their net worth ! Now, if you're a Kenyan woman hanging out with these calibre of celebrities, admire!

But , how did Vera get herself tickets into the all-stars NBA game in Los Angeles at New Year week at which she fulfill those loved stars.

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You've got to be supplied by an NBA player, which was the situation with me.

"That is because unless this occurs, all wealthy men and women will flock that the NBA players and actors and make a mess out of it. Whether he's the boyfriend, friend or relative, just NBA player can get one of the access I'd," Vera informs Pulse of those LA shocker.

"That's the way Kylie and I'd moves. Her boyfriend was enjoying after Sport, they hang out there for a little while before going outside. And there was a fantastic time for me to chit-chat together...You know, it's similar to a conversation with Kardashians' best," the Kenyan socialite, arguably Africa's most talked-about woman shows.

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"I had an opportunity to fulfill many NBA celebrities whom we had a fantastic hook-up period with. I'm not into sports but it was intriguing to watch the sport and today I'm in love with it,"

Vera, who's on her tour promoting her filming and music for her upcoming reality TV series says she's had a fruitful outing which has exposed her widely to the world of reality TV and showbiz.

"I'd appearances in London, then flew into USA for my excursion. I began using Houston Texas, Phoenix Arizona...and much more towns are reserving me for looks during January. It is a busy 2019 kick ," she moans.

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