kenyan Government denies famine deaths, Ruto maintains situation under control.

The government has refuted claims that several people have lost their lives following the current drought situation.
The National Disaster Management Authority CEO James Oduor on Monday said the media had amplified the reports and sending wrong information to the public.
He said deaths had been reported in Baringo, Tiatty and Turkana areas and experts from water and health deployed.
“Yes, deaths were there but they cannot be linked directly to drought. This can be as a result of sickness and other issues,” he said.
It had been reported that about 20 people have lost their lives.
Turkana, Baringo, Moyale, Marsabit, Makueni and Tana River counties are among the worst hit areas.
But Deputy President William Ruto said Kenya is better placed to handle the situation compared to previous years.
Ruto also refuted claims that several people have lost lives following the drought.

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Speaking at Harambee House, Ruto said, “I want to categorically state that the situation is better than last year and year before. We are in a better place in terms of vegetation, livestock and food prices."
The DP said the State had released Sh2b for food and water supply to mitigate effects of drought in the country.
“We are not behind schedule to the situation as a government. The food situation is stable and prices within acceptable margins,” he said.
Ruto said the country has sufficient food and there should be cause for alarm.
We are working on logistics to ensure food riches those affected to avoid causalities. We can confidently say as a country we have sufficient food stocks and supply
Deputy President William Ruto
The DP said 1.1 million people were feeling the general effects of the drought.
He said the issue has been as a result of insufficient long rains.
“Our effort on food production has borne fruits and we have had 46 million bags of maize a record in many years. This morning the government has approved the release of Sh2 billion which will be used within this week for water tracking, food supply and ensuring that boreholes and water pans are functional,” Ruto said.
He said another Sh12.4 billion has been released to under the cash transfer program.
Under the emergency fund, county governments are expected to provide the first line of intervention which they have so far done. Many are requesting the national government to intervene in the situation that we are moving swiftly to handle,” he said.
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